• TGI Designs!

    TGI Designs!

    Our company was established in October 2011 in Haverhill, MA. The name of our company is in honor of our three beautiful daughters: Tori, Gianna, and Isabella. Our daughters have always been active in sports. Tori has been a competitive cheerleader at both the high school and collegiate level. Gianna has always competed in multiple sports including soccer, basketball, softball, and track. Isabella, the youngest, is also involved in all-star cheerleading and soccer. Being busy parents with three energetic girls has always made us value a quality product and a convenient way to purchase what we need without going crazy. After being involved for years with acquiring products for our girls’ athletic teams, we finally decided to put to work our knowledge and experience to benefit others looking for excellent products at reasonable prices. We look forward to providing you with the best service possible.

  • Fun Styles at TGI!

    Fun Styles at TGI!

    Our products are not only functional, but sporty and fun. We pride ourselves in finding manufacturers that offer quality products for our customers from which to choose. These products are great for everything from working out to taking part in athletics. These products can be used in cheerleading, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, track, or any other sport you can think of. They are available in fun as well as traditional colors and prints. Please feel free to browse our large product line; we are sure you will find something that catches your eye!

  • Great Designs at TGI!

    Great Designs at TGI!

    We are able to provide customized solutions for teams, businesses, or groups. Be it t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, fleece, warm-up suits, shirts, bags, or hats, we can come up with a customized solution that meets your needs. We have relationships with fantastic embroiderers and silk screeners who provide quality work for a great price. These are small businesses just like us that strive to provide you the best workmanship possible with reasonable pricing. We will work with you to design a solution the fits your needs and budget. We can even set up a separate product page on our site for your team or members to order from, simplifying the process and making it easy and headache free to manage from your end. If you can think it up, we can get it customized for you. You’d be shocked at how reasonably priced we can acquire high stitch count embroidered logos for your team. Make your team or group stand out from the rest! We can also design custom t-shirts for your events in order to make it easy for you to manage and also help you still generate a profit on your side if you wish to offer these shirts directly yourself. These are great fundraising opportunities for groups and are always extremely popular.

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